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About Virginia

Virginia LewisVirginia’s Creative Coaching has its roots in her impassioned combining of work in the arenas of the cultural arts, academia, business, and addiction and counseling since 1969. Her own entrepreneurial spirit has led Virginia to model the very independent and successful kinds of action plan that she has worked with a number of her own clients to follow, she has owned and managed her consulting and coaching business since 1981; Her clients have opened law practices, doggie daycare centers, become successful dramaturges, come to support themselves by their fine art painting, and successfully become happily semi-retired, to name just a few of the outcomes her coaching has assisted in creating over the years.

Virginia’s real strength lies in gathering information, synthesizing and interpreting it in context, and then telling the truth about it and making recommendations. She has also gathered a good number of tools over the years, in addition to her years of experience helping people get from point a to point b. Her particular skill in that process is in getting people unstuck. Whether people are stuck because of old habits, personality traits that trip them up, (arrogance, insecurity, etc), anger issues, some kind of problem with addiction, be it to alcohol or to fantasy football, if they are really in a place where they are wanting to change things in their life, and they are ready to start to do something different (as opposed to needing everyone else to change), Virginia has some powerful tools to dismantle blocks and help people move on.

Available to work with people in many platforms, Virginia’s Coaching is Creatively Individualized. She will meet with you in person, via telephone, via Skype, and/or via email. You can meet for a single session or contract for a six week coaching module, or make a longer term contract for a bigger project. Virginia can meet with you for an hour and a half weekly or for three hours twice a month, and a couple of fifteen minute email check-in sessions, for two two hour-long sessions a week, or for an hour every three months. Virginia can come to your office, and you may never meet face to face. What you need is what you get, as long as the time is available.

I’m excited to work with people who are ready to change. I want to work with people who know where they want to go why they want to go there and who are willing to make getting to that place a priority.

I used to call my business “Dare to Thrive” until realized that it isn’t really very daring to thrive. What’s daring is to go after what it is that you really want, and that is beyond thriving. I used to believe that if I got too much ipso facto someone else got less. Isn’t that the very essence of “scarcity consciousness” ? I don’t blame myself, it’s what I was taught in my family. I tried to teach my daughter something else. I am not sure that I succeeded. But I am relearning for myself: And encouraging all of my clients to live from abundance.